Nothing Better Than a Great Tree House!

Its no secret that I love tree houses! They remind me of childhood fun and long hot summer days. To a young adventurous boy or girl a tree house (or tree fort) is a private,  “home away from home.” It somewhere that a kid gets to call the shots and live like a “King” or  a “Queen” all on their own… in their own backyard! This particular tree fort and its awesome tire swing are just a small piece of what I would say is one of the coolest places in Poway to explore I’ve been lucky enough to find! They sit on a .84 acre parcel of land in a North Poway neighborhood. They rest gently on this great Oak tree in a neighborhood called, Bridlewood. Yes, this is one of the best areas in our town. Its in an award winning well known school district and its surrounded by beautiful homes. There is a main house for the grown ups (of course) on this park-like lot too. Its a beautiful two story home with all the bells & whistles one would hope to find…but its this small piece of the property that stole my heart when I first saw it! This is the kind of place that great childhoods are made! A lucky little girl already grew up here and now its time for someone else to get to call this tree fort “home.”  The next owner is going to love it here and theyre going to have so many fun adventures right in this very spot!!

New Listing in Poway

Great new listing in Bridlewood Americana! Single level with four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Exquisite in every detail! Great school combination and a great North Poway neighborhood!

$985,000- $1,065,000

Welcome Home!

Cry Creek Beds

With water restrictions in Poway set to begin on May 1st we are seeing a number of homeowners “re-thinking” their lawns and changing their landscaping. One idea that looks good and doesn’t require water is a “dry creek bed.” They are easy to do yourself and require no water or much upkeep once completed. These are a great was to keep your curb appeal high and water needs low.

Nice Job San Diego!!

Thinking About a Remodeling Project?

This chart shows the return on certain home improvements.