Whew! Its Finally November 7th!


God Bless America

Well…Its over! The votes are counted and the results are in. The good news is that the political ads will stop on television and there also wont be so much “trash” in our mailboxes. I don’t know if your candidate won but it was great to see so many people get involved. Were you on Twitter or Facebook at all yesterday? If so then you saw the passion in the “tweets” and “posts” about the election all day long! As Americans, we should all agree that in the end it’s our country as a whole that really matters. Not the individual political parties. We dont all have to agree on every issue. Call me crazy but I’d say its actually better if we dont!! Lets be honest…when someone who may disagree with you on a particular point can convey their thought in a passionate and civil way we all learn something.  I don’t believe we all have to agree on all issues all the time. Its so much more engaging if we don’t so long as it’s done respectfully…wouldn’t you agree? That said, I do believe now that the election is over we all need to unite as a whole. No more “your side” verses “my side.” Lets actually listen to each other instead of debating each other and without trying to convert anybody else’s way of thinking!! Let’s not get caught up in trying to prove who is right or prove someone else is wrong. This is the worlds greatest country with great ideas and fantastic people. Everyone has to come together as one united front now. It’s time to move forward without looking back.


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